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Photo/Video Installation

Memory block / a block of memory

Photographs and video interweave into a semi-real, semi-surreal recreation of childhood; that distant as well as vivid place that can never really be revisited. Longing for that time when everything was new, yet safe; innocent.

A desperate attempt to go back to planet childhood and figure out:

“what the hell went wrong anyway?”

(Installation photo from Other Worlds Souvenirs exhibition at the Art Foundation, Athens)

Photo/Sound Installation

Photo (detail) of Nico's (Christa Päffgen) grave with sound of her, singing Lou Reed's "All Tomorrows Parties" for an exhibition inspired by Yorgos Chronas poetry called Black High Heels at the

K-art Gallery, Athens.

Video Projection

Shadow Cinema is a video projection of a female figure on a photographic print of urban landscape. It refers to early cinema, as well as comments on the duality of the media it consists of: photography and video, print and projection, tangible and illusive, here and there. It was presented as part of my second personal exhibition In'ei Raisan.

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