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No End

Breaking off

Faith Lost

The first (2001) of several videos exploring language and linguistic correlations through the forming of words. Keeping a certain rhythm (and therefore having a performative value while filming) a pair of hands form one word at a time, letter by letter and then dismantling it to go on to the next. There is a certain idea that develops through each video or rather triggers its making, while the video itself, through the progression of the words, emits more of a haiku feeling.

A “still” video (2005) commenting on life and death -part of a short series. In ancient Greece coins were put on the eyelids of the dead as due pay to Charon, whose job was to take them to “the other side”. The viewer may not be certain of the medium, unless they spend a few minutes watching what may seem as a photograph, until the involuntary movement of the eyes give it away.

An influence from and hommage to Viktor Burgin.

A charcoal painted eye sheds tear after tear, filling up the dark, square room, its floor covered by hundreds of A4 sheets with hand written text on despair and faith. This video (2010) was made in stop-frame and was presented in the Projectroom, TinT Gallery.

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